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Disclosures and Policies



Brad Loncar

Impartiality is of the highest importance to BiotechTV. For this project, Mr. Loncar is embarking on a role in journalism. He has committed to not trading or holding individual biotechnology stocks while he is participating as a contributor to BiotechTV or while he has editorial control over it. His firm, Loncar Investments, had been index provider to two passive biotechnology-focused exchange traded funds. It has wound down this role and is no longer in this business. Loncar Investments will have no other involvement in biotech financial markets while he is a contributor to BiotechTV or while he has editorial control over it. Mr. Loncar may have consulting relationships with industry. To avoid potential conflicts, BiotechTV will not feature consulting clients during the time that Mr. Loncar is being paid a consulting fee. Current clients, who will be excluded from BiotechTV coverage during the current period, are listed below:




Additional future consulting work, if any, will be updated here and will follow these same guidelines so please check back to see any additional updates.

Regional Contributors

Regional contributors are independent contractors. It is forbidden for them to report on any company that they directly own individual stock in.


Advertisers and Sponsored Content

BiotechTV is in the business of producing independent news and educational content about the biotech industry and science. General advertisers will clearly be labeled as “Advertiser(s)” or “Sponsor(s).” If BiotechTV posts sponsored content, such content will be prominently labeled “Sponsored” or "Ad" directly on the video content itself and/or on its accompanying webpage or social media post. 

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Sponsor Spotlight


Breakthrough Properties is a life science real estate company that is exclusively focused on delivering cutting-edge environments for the life science industry. With a portfolio of roughly 5 million square feet across the US, UK and continental Europe, Breakthrough has emerged as a leading partner for high-growth biotechs and pharmas around the world. 

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